I came home after 6 days in Hilo and found gecko poop on my bed. 6 poops to be exact. There was also a lot on the floor.

The reason that I know that it is gecko poop is because one late afternoon last week, I lay down on my bed to think about what I wanted to do for the day(because I think better laying down), and I spotted a green gecko.

“Cute” I thought.

But then that gecko put its tail up and pooped on my floor.

“Hmmm.” I said aloud.

I’m living in a coffee shack, it has a corrugated metal roof. As time has gone by, as the roof has decayed and rusted, a new roof has been put on top of it, so now it is more like a wafer of roofs. On the inside there are holes in it that the geckos crawl through.

Dead Gecko

Even though it is very colourful, this is a gecko that died in my closet. Even after death, those little gecko paws still stick to everything...

Now don’t get me wrong, I think geckos are great. They eat all of the mosquitos and bugs that I don’t want around and they are a great reminder that I am in Hawaii. I just don’t want them pooping on my bed. All last night, I couldn’t sleep well. I kept thinking that a gecko was going to poop in my mouth.

So today the wheels are turning on how to solve this issue. My current solution is to get some Great Stuff to seal up the holes, and then to use a staple gun and staple some plastic paint drop cloths onto the rafters so that any poop can be caught before it falls into my snoring mouth.

Gecko Poop on the floor

In addition to my bed, there was a lot of gecko poo on the floor by my bed.

Last night I heard some new noises on the side of the house on the roof. Florian told me that for the last 3 days, Kaya the cat has caught and killed rats. If they are indeed rats making those noises, then I have a different war on my hands. I must go inspect it now. Rats are nasty.

This is the price of living at the Edge of the World.

Remember when I said that nature is more powerful than us, and that’s what I loved about it? Well I meant wind, sun, and water. Not gecko or rats. Those things aren’t even indigenous to this place and were brought by settlers.

Kaya - Queen of the Jungle / Rat Killer

This is Kaya. One of the 3 cats that live at the Edge of the World. I am totally allergic to her so I don't touch her, but she kills rodents.

Any of you who think that I’m sitting on the beach right now sipping margaritas are dead wrong. I am fighting gecko poop today.

Le sigh.


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